Nov 152013


Well here we are, halfway through the month. Time for a Movember update! As you can see, the fuzzy weirdness on my upper lip continues its inexorable progression to whatever level of creepy it can attain in 30 days.

What you can’t see in this picture are the over 140 miles I’ve put in this month, in an effort to match your dollars with my miles! I’ve set my target at 500 for the month, which means I’m well behind pace.

Lucky for me, so are you! So far I’ve raised $90 to fight Man Cancer, and every dollar of that means a lot, to me. But together we can do better!

I’ve pledged to match your dollars with my miles all month long, so if you want to support a fantastic charity drive and get me out there, slaving away into the wind and cold to earn it, head over to my donation page today and chip in a few dollars!

Nov 062013



This is one of the three ways I’ll be tacking on miles to my Movember miles-for-dollars campaign. Obviously it would be easiest to go out and steam through 500 miles on the road bike, but this time of year, the weather isn’t always going to comply. And anyway, since when do I do things the easy way?

Today I couldn’t get out for a pedal, so I resorted to the row machine instead, pulling out 10 kilometers in a little under 47 minutes. If I remember right (and I can’t find the picture), I think the last time I did this distance was in the spring, and it took me right around 50 minutes. Always nice to see improvements in fitness without working directly for them!

So yeah, that’s 6 more miles to the total. I’m behind the curve to make 500 miles this month, but as of right now, you all are behind the curve for donations!

I’m slaving away all month, trying to raise (at least) $500 for Movember, in support of men’s health. You can go to to donate, and add miles to my suffering!

Oct 302013

303a1It’s that time of year, again. time for raking leaves, dressing your kids up as scary/cute things, breaking out your favorite hoodies, and screaming slurred expletives at college football games.

And growing moustaches.

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s almost Movember, the time of year where I allow a hilarious little fuzz strip to inhabit my upper lip, for your amusement and for charity! And not just any charity. Movember’s purpose is to raise money specifically to fight Man Cancer. We’re talking about prostate and testicular cancers. They aren’t pretty, and so they don’t get as much attention as, say, boobs. That’s understandable. But ignoring Man Cancer isn’t.

My maternal grandfather had prostate cancer, and it eventually claimed his life. He taught me many things as a kid, but the most important lessons were those of character and integrity. He worked hard every day of his life, and for the whole time I knew him, did it sporting a fantastic moustache.

So in his honor, starting 1 Movember, I’m declaring a thirty-day hiatus on shaving in my upper lip region. I’ll be posting regular, hilarious updates as to my… er… “progress” for you to follow, like and share. And this year, I’m upping the ante.

Last Movember, I ran a little contest each week to let people name my ‘stache when they donated. While that was humiliating for me and fun for you, I don’t think it involved enough pain and suffering on my part to keep you all engaged. So this year, I’m going to match you, mile for dollar, all month long.

That’s right. You donate a dollar, I run, ride or row a mile. I’ll post proof of my mileage on here along with updates on my fuzzy little lip friend. Now because you people have surprised me before, and because I may occasionally have to go to work this month, I have to cap the mileage total at 500. But that ain’t nothing. It’ll represent my single biggest total in a month all year, and fully 1/4 of the miles I’ve posted so far. But if you’ve got the cash, I’ve got the time.

Let’s do this. Click the link below to donate, share this page with your friends, and let’s team up to help stop Man Cancer in its tracks!